Black Apple MacBook Air on its way? Gothic Chic

Most people find the MacBook Air hard to fault (except the price but that’s Apple for you). But not everyone digs the silver finish. Some of us would prefer a more stealthy colour.

The original black MacBook was cool but plastic – the aluminum MacBook Pro is a chunk of sexiness but is not black.

It seems that Apple might be getting those two great finishes together in order to create what could well be the sexiest aluminium MacBook Air ever – thanks to an anodized black suit.

I mean, just look at what ColorWare did above. MMMMmmmmmmmmmm……….

Along with the gorgeous goth finish the specs are all based on hopes, wishes and a few ‘words on the street’ but expect Thunderbolt connectivity and a boost in power kicking the current Core 2 Duo platform used to one-side.

Anyone else up for a black MBA?

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