Bioshock Coming to Apple iPhone

bioshock_iphoneGames for the iPhone are just getting better and better!

While I’m still getting over the release of Metal Gear Solid Touch there is news that Bioshock might be appearing on the Appley hand-held!

Yup, you heard me Gadgety faithful!

Bioshock for iPhone.

It has dropped the jaws of PC, Xbox and PS3 players but now IG Fun appears to be in the driving seat for the mobile version of Bioshock, including a 2D version – in that case the super-duper iPhone should handle it and then some 😉

Ok, so maybe I’m getting carried away here.

There’s nothing really official at the mo.

Although IG Fun CEO, Sean Malatesta, did let slip a huge hint to a GDC audience during his Bioshock Mobile talk session. “Honestly, I can’t comment on BioShock on iPhone right now,” he explained. “It’s top secret.”

Errrrrrrrm…………so it is happening and you’re keeping it a big secret huh?  🙂

So, will it be a scaled down 2D version or are IG Fun going to work some magic and shrink the huge 3D First Person Shooter into the tiny iPhone frame?

If you hear something before me let me know!