Bing Events Released – Find Where Your Fave Band is Playing and More

Microsoft has just bounced out Bing Events – so now finding where your favourite band is playing is even easier!

The new search service from Bing will squirt you the details of gigs, shows and games right before thine eyes. You shouldn’t be short of information either as Bing Events covers a massive 90,000 events being housed in more than 10,000 different UK venues.

All you have to do is go over to Bing, search for your band of choice (SUBSET for instance), play or match you’re looking for, add events to the end (or even shows) and hit enter. Then tap the events tab, where you can search by date and category.

You don’t just get ticket info either. There are parking details, maps and directions, making a night out a doddle to plan.

It seems to go by the postcode or nearest venue if it’s not on the Bing database – The SUBSET gig listed at Elekrowerkz is actually across the courtyard at The Arc. It has also dragged up a gig that SUBSET is no longer playing (The Star, Bedford).

But, it’s new and will no doubt be tweaked but til then why not try looking here 😉

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