Bike pannier picnic hamper and table for two

bloon bike basketIf you’re fancying an Autumnal picnic but love cycling through to your chosen location on a heath or large country park then it will generally be a rug and bag job. How would a pannier-based table and hamper?

Picnics are a great way of enjoying the quieter parts of the country but if you are one of the many cyclists out there, chances are you rely on a picnic blanket and a backpack of food.

Now, there’s a more civilised way for you to get alfresco in the park whilst still enjoying the freedom of two wheels.

Designer Jeriël Bobbe’s Springtime picnic basket equips you and your bike with everything you’ll need for a feast in the park. Plates, cups, food and even a picnic table for two can be easily stored on your bicycle.

Bloon Springtime Picnic paniers

It’s the perfect picnic accessory if you don’t want to sit on the ground and have your meal overrun with ants – or get a frost bitten bum, depending on the season.

A functional prototype is as far as this great design has got so far, but sadly it doesn’t appear as if Bobbe has any intentions of putting his creation into production… unless you let him know just how much you dig it.

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