BigFoot and Spica – Latest Android Donut Phones Revealed

samsung-bigfoot-android-phoneAnd so it continues.

We got a glimpse of  T-Mobile’s release schedule for the year that pointed at the release of the BigFoot Android handset but now Unwired View has published details of  another Android handset.

So – say hi to BigFoot and Spica!

It turns our that these aint just new lumps of hardware – they’ll be using an all-new Android operating system known as Donut (2.0).

Yup - Donut follows Cupcake, with Battenburg, FairyCake and RockyRoad following soon!

(or maybe not ;)  )

What Donut offers isn’t clear – will there be jam or a hole in the center?  Noone knows!

What is said is that this is the version that most phone makers have been waiting for – so there should be an army of new Androids in time for Christmas.

BigFoot and Spica each seem to be sporting a 3 inch WQVGA TFT screen, 3-megapixel camera, GPS, W-Fi and HSDPA connectivity.

Word on the interweblogosphere points to the pebble-shaped BigFoot being pitched as a ‘gaming’ handset, while the Spica will ditch the Android interface, using Samsung’s TouchWiz control instead.

It sounds like BigFoot and Spica should be around in September – if I get more official news it will be on GadgetyNews 🙂