Big iPhone 6 kitted out with a bigger processor

iPhone 6 sizes mockIt has almost been taken for granted that there will be a 5.5-inch and 4.7-iPhone 6 landing come launch day but the differences might well be more than physical size, if the latest rumours pan out.

According to supply chain sources it seems that the super-sized Apple blower will also feature a more powerful processor than its 4.7-inch stablemate.

Before we’re allowed to get slightly excited about this development, those loose-lipped know-it-alls haven’t actually said how big a difference there will be between the chips in the next gen iPhones.

Apple analyst Timothy Acuri has stated that it may be simply a matter of the 5.5-inch version shipping with a larger die. This would suggest a more pronounced architectural divide than mere clock speeds, with the suggestion that the larger iPhone may include additional on-die silicon – this could also point to additional graphics processor cores.

Would a more potent CPU be a deal breaker as to whether or not you went large with your iPhone 6?

Let me know below.