Big Dog – US Army Warbot Carries Luggage and Scares Foes

bigdogIf you like your robot tech as well as military hardware then you may have heard of Big Dog.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell just check out this video.

It shows the quadrapedal bot balancing and walking along with US soldiers.

If this isn’t a glimpse into modern, almost sc-fi, warfare I don’t know what is.

Although the stealth aspect still requires attention – perhaps not use a chainsaw motor on v2.0 😉

All-in-all though, this is quite an impressive bit of kit – all they have to do is develop and attack version as well; perhaps that allows for a rider and a mounted gun……..

If that’s too serious for you nip across to Gizmodo and watch the spoof. They’ve even got the sound right as well 😉