B&F Qlocktwo Price Drop – NEWSFLASH!

qlock price dropWell, I only posted about this funky timepiece yesterday and now the price has been dropped quite considerably.

I’ve also noticed that you can buy different front panels for the Qlocktwo so if you redecorate or just fancy a change you can purchase a Qolor for €95.00 EUR.

Here’s the news item that appeared on the Biegert & Funk website shortly after I posted 🙂

QLOCKTWO more affordable posted 2009 Aug 20 Due to its huge worldwide success Biegert & Funk decided to make QLOCKTWO more affordable. QLOCKTWO ist still handmade by BIEGERT & FUNK in South Germany. At the moment, please allow 2 weeks of delivery…

Thanks to Mark for pointing out that it now costs €885.00 🙂

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