Bestek touch LED desk lamp review

Bestek LED touch desk lamp with USB


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Contemporary styling
  • Touch controls
  • Lighting modes
  • Adjustability
  • Braided power cable


  • The black one loves finger prints

bestek led desklampDesk lamps. We’ve had a few through here but they all do the same job. The Bestek LED desk lamp, however, has an additional skill beyond mere illumination.

Naturally, this light from Bestek will illuminate the immediate area. The thing is, so will many other offerings.

If you are like me, due to limited desk space, you will need your gadgets to multitask where possible. Well, this does just that.

Bestek LED desk lamp design

The lamp body is an extremely glossy black plastic. It looks modern and all but it is a bit of a bugger to keep clean and shiny.

bestek led desklamp anglesCleaning aside, it cuts quite a handsome silhouette. I do like the flat and edgy design. In fact, it sits rather well with my living room decor, let alone my office.

bestek led desklamp hingesThere are no less than three hinges (base, neck and head). These allow the lamp to positioned perfectly.

The well-weighted base features touch sensitive controls. Here you get the regular on/off but also a range of lighting modes and intensity choices.

bestek led desklamp usb portAlso in the base is a very handy USB port. Told you it could multitask! This will charge your portable gadgets while you work.

Finally, the power cable is a neat red braided cord. Granted, this will be mostly shoved down the back of a desk but I still like this touch of flare nonetheless.

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Bestek LED desk lamp performance

[amazon_link asins=’B01LYKKIM6′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]Most of the 1.5kg of this lamp is in the base. This gives it a very steady and secure footing. Furthermore, it also allows the lamp arm to be angled pretty much however you need it so that the light shines on where it’s required.
The LED light has a colour temperature range of 2700K-6000K.
That natty USB port is rated at 5V 0-2.4A so perfect for phones, tablets and the likes.


bestek led desklamp shapeBack to that highly adjustable range of movement permitted by the three joints.

The lower lamp arm can be swung through 60 degrees, with only 15 degrees past upright, but 45 degrees forward towards the desk.

The upper arm can be adjusted 140 degrees, with the lower hinge rotating 90 degrees as well as the LED itself delivering 180 degrees rotation.

Yes, 360 rotation, or even 240 would be nice on the LED itself but that’s probably just me.

bestek led desklamp foldedAnother neat side effect of this flexibility is that you can fold the lamp away almost flat when not in use.


There’s a number of functions to be had once you turn the Bestek LED desk lamp on.

Press and hold the touch sensitive On button and choose one of the modes. Your choices are: Reading, Study, Relaxing, or Sleep.

Bestek Lamp ModesReading

This is actually the second brightest mode by default with a slight yellow tint to illuminate without blinding.


Very bright brilliant white colour.


Similar to Reading mode but with slightly more yellow tint.


Think “Night mode” on your smartphone.


In addition to those functions there’s also the intriguing 60min mode. Well, it was intriguing for a moment until the penny dropped. You’re probably quicker than me though.

Yup, 60min mode turns off the light after, you guessed it, 60 minutes. Handy for those who vow to just have an hour reading in bed before going to sleep which inevitably turns in to a couple of hours.

Bright ideas

Those modes can be further augmented with the custom brightness settings.

bestek led desklamp reading
Reading mode

Across the bottom of the touch-sensitive stand, beneath the mode buttons are a number of dots. These allow you to cycle through 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% brightness, on any mode.

bestek led desklamp relaxing
Relaxing mode

Bestek LED desk lamp review conclusion

I am well impressed by this lamp. Not only do you get touch controls and a USB port, but you also get a selection of modes and brightness settings. A great feature set, especially when you consider its price.

If I was going to be really picky I would have liked a notch in the base to stand a phone or tablet whilst it charged. Oh, and have the lamp head able to rotate 360-degrees. I really wouldn’t expect a Qi Charging pad at this price but, well, there is plenty of space on that base… 😉

But, these are by no way deal breakers.

I think that this desk lamp is a great buy.

Bestek LED desk lamp price and availability

The desk lamp is available in black or white right now from Amazon for the amazing price of £29.99