Best Steam Iron for Under £20 – Breville VIN209

I know I generally write about more shiny tech than ones designed for more day-to-day domestic chores but my iron died and I needed a new one.

I was loathed to spend too much as I need the rest of the cash to spend on more gadgety gadgets.

After a while (minutes) of searching around there seemed to be a lack of free information regarding good, inexpensive clothes smoothers – so here I am writing about my sub £20 bargain of an iron.

The Breville VIN209 is its catchy moniker and it works pretty darned well for £18.99 worth of kit.

It’s lightweight (1.15kg) so, if you have a pile of ironing to get through, your wrist will still be functioning afterwards and its non-drip ceramic soleplate is something you’d expect to find on more expensive models.

The VIN209 is also one of the most powerful irons in this price range at 2400 watts combined with an impressive steam output of 40g/min – you get 100g/min from the steam shot if you really want to make something flat!

The water tank will take 250ml which can get used up pretty quickly with all that steam action but it’s easily refilled using the bundled jug with extra long spout.

Another trick up its sleeve (especially at this price) is that the Breville VIN209 can be used for vertical steam ironing – whether that be curtains or dresses and such on hangers. I think that shows just how much steam this little iron can generate.

The Breville VIN209 used to retail at £29.99 but Argos has reduced it to £18.99 – if you’re looking for a new steam iron or even have the cash to keep one in reserve for when your current one goes to laundry heaven – I’d recommend this little beastie.