Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Range of Fashionable AV Announced

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Collaborate For Luxury Audio Visual Line

Parisian maker of fashionable leather goods, Berluti, and Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen have collaborated for a limited-edition collection of products.

Perfect for urban travellers and digital nomads, Beosound A1 2nd Gen Berluti Edition, Beoplay H95 Berluti Edition, and Berluti’s Sound Pouch are ideal for carrying on the go.

Rounding off the collection are a trio of decidedly non-portable special editions in the form of the Beosound Balance Berluti Edition, Beovision Harmony and Beolab 90.

Beosound A1 2nd Gen Berluti Edition

Bang & Olufsen’s second-gen portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, dustproof and boasts up to 18 hours of battery play time.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen A1

The 360-degree omnidirectional speaker sports a three-microphone array and Alexa baked-in.

The minimalist design in Grey Mist features a large Berluti logo on top of the speaker, while a Berluti calf leather cord in shiny dark brown tones aids the A1’s portability. There is also an aluminium tag with the Bang & Olufsen logo laser engraved on one side and the Berluti logo on the other. The aluminium tag is completed with a mirror-polished finish, drawing inspiration from Berluti’s ready to wear accessory trimmings.

Beoplay H95 Berluti Edition

First launched in 2020, the H95 are arguably the Danish brand’s finest wireless headphones. Upgrading these comfortable noise-cancelling headphones is a headband featuring Berluti’s trademark Venezia leather with a TDM Intenso patina and the Maison’s embossed logo.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen H95

The dark brown soft lambskin ear cushions match the Berluti Venezia leather headband, creating a cohesive expression. The aluminium discs have been engraved with the Berluti logo on the left-hand side and the Bang & Olufsen logo on the right. The headphones are housed in a black aluminium case where you’ll find more laser engraved logos.

Berluti Sound Pouch

Berluti has created a dedicated pouch that can comfortably cosset either the Beosound A1 speaker or the Beoplay H95 headphones.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Sound Pouch

Made with Berluti’s Signature Canvas – a motif blending Berluti’s new logo and the undulating strokes of the iconic Scritto – and featuring a patinated Venezia leather tag, it is ideal for safe carrying.

Beosound Balance Berluti Edition

Bang & Olufsen’s home object-inspired speaker features a hidden touch interface that lights up when approached and comes with Google Assistant and supports Apple Airplay2, Spotify Connect and Google Chromecast.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Balance

Seven carefully placed speaker drivers with beam-forming technology hands you the option of powerful and room-filling sound for everyday listening and sound directivity for precise and immersive music experiences.

Patinated by hand, Berluti’s Venezia leather is wrapped around the wooden base of Balance, creating a distinct finish and manufactured with Berluti’s artisanal know-how. The fabric has a dark knit with a touch of brown to match the leather base, which has been embossed with both logos and includes fine stitching around the base’s edge to create a touch of elegance. The top plate and grill come in natural aluminium for a high contrast and exclusive highlight to the darker materials.

Beolab 90 Berluti Edition

Featuring 8,200 watts of musical power, Beolab 90 adapts to its surroundings and your preferred listening modes to create an unprecedented level of musical power and precision, says the Danish audio brand.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90

The base of the aluminium speaker is customised with Berluti’s Venezia leather – with a TDM Intenso patina to create a bold design statement and, funnily enough, is the perfect match for Beovision Harmony Berluti Edition.

Beovision Harmony Berluti Edition

Originally unveiled at Milan Design Week in 2019, the 77-inch TV folds down into a sculptural shape with the panels partially covering the screen. When you want to watch something, these wings fan out and elevate the screen above them to perfect viewing height.

Berluti x Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony

Featuring an LG 4k resolution OLED screen and motorised floor stand, infused in Berluti’s DNA through exceptionally fine, perforated and patinated Venezia leather covering the speaker panels, it offers a unique interactive experience, we are reliably informed.

A Berluti representative told GadgetyNews:

Berluti and Bang & Olufsen are a perfect match, bringing together a common passion for excellence. Bang & Olufsen’s cutting-edge philosophy, technological innovation and state-of-the-art design run parallel to the Maison’s focus on craftsmanship and its continually evolving lifestyle collection.

Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of Product Management & Brand Partnering at Bang & Olufsen, added:

For nearly a century, Bang & Olufsen has been pushing the boundaries of audio technology, and the company continues to sit at the forefront of acoustic innovation. Together with Berluti, we are bringing the best of artisanship to the fore with our expertise in sound and design and Berluti’s knowledge in leather craftsmanship to create a truly remarkable collection.

The Berluti edition Beoplay H95 (£1,100), Beosound A1 (£320), Beosound Balance (£3,200) and Sound Pouch (£450) will be available in limited quantities from May 28th 2021 at Bang & Olufsen at Harrods, Berluti at Harrods, Berluti Conduit Street and Mr Porter, as well as online at The made-to-order Beovision Harmony (£32,800) and Beolab 90 (£97,000) will be available to order from May 28th and showcased in select Berluti and Bang & Olufsen stores.