BeoVision Avant UK launch – B&O 55-inch 4K TV

beovision avantIn the basement of a swish central London hotel Bang & Olufsen unveiled their brand new television – the BeoVision Avant.

B&O’s latest television is not only a continuation of the Danish company’s focus on top-flight audio, but takes on-board the changing way in which we are interacting with the gogglebox.

These days more-and-more people are using one space, especially in the capital, as a combined kitchen, dining and living room. The new Avant set has been designed to “blend in to the living room and with the family’s lifestyle”.

According to CEO Tue Mantoni, BeoVision Avant was created to provide discerning homeowners the ultimate in authentic performance, intuitive simplicity and convenience.

“Our research shows that consumers want more and more from their televisions,” he explains. “People are pressed for time, and they want entertainment that just works so they can focus on it – and each other – rather than the technology itself. BeoVision Avant delivers on all counts. The name Avant is a nod to our most successful TV to date, the Avant launched in 1995. Just as the first Avant was a game changer in an analogue era, we believe the new BeoVision Avant will set the standard for what should be expected from a television in the future”.

BeoVision Avant – Sound

BeoVision Avant launchAs you would expect from any B&O product, a lot of attention has been given to ensure that the audio is top-notch. But, before I make any comments regarding sonic quality, the Avant has a pretty neat trick.

The discrete yet powerful sound panel unfolds from the bottom of the television when it is switched on and, when you turn it off, retreats back inside. Very cool.

The sound panel’s movements are coordinated with those of the new stands so the television is ready for viewing and listening in one choreographed flow. More about that later.

As you would expect from Bang & Olufsen, BeoVision Avant sounds pretty special right out of the box. That’s thanks to it packing no fewer than eight driver units with eight dedicated amplifiers built in – 3 left, 3 right and two bass units, one firing forwards and the other to the rear.

BeoVision Avant 3 channel stereoB&O also stated that it has something they describe as three-channel stereo. The demonstration showed how in normal stereo dialogue is sent through both the left and right speakers in a regular stereo set-up which together produces a phantom center image. The new BeoVision Avant, however, sends dialogue though the central speaker which results in clearer speech.

If you want to connect external speakers to create a true surround sound experience – either wirelessly or wired – it could not be simpler with the integrated 7.1 surround sound module.

Obviously, you don’t need surround sound when listening to the radio through the Avant and, when you do, it will automatically go from surround to stereo.

BeoVision Avant – stands

BeoVision Avant’s innovative stand program includes wall, floor and table options, which make integrating the 55-inch telly into the home easier and a bit more flexible.

The concept vision was to create a TV which stays in the background of the living room when turned off but takes centre stage when turned on. Rather than arranging your room around the television, the new stands turn the television toward you when you want to use it – then back in place when you have finished viewing. Handy for watching the news when eating your dinner at the table and then, by pressing a button, have the TV glide to face your sofa when you’re ready to relax in front of a film.

BeoVision Avant stand mechanicsB&O has produced moving televisions in the past, but never with such a large screen size. When on the optional floor stand, the TV twists left and right, but also rotates on the circular stand in order to give the rear of the set enough space to manoeuvre.

A new Chromatic Room Adaptation feature analyses ambient light from two sensors, and adjusts the screen to compensate for the room’s colour tones. High-grade anti-reflection coatings on both sides of the screen dampen reflections by 98%.

BeoVision Avant – smart TV

Connection to Bang & Olufsen wireless speakers via the built in Immaculate Wireless Sound solution is as easy as turning on the television.

Fully internet ready, and with room for Apple TV and a hard disk drive to be hidden within the back panel, BeoVision Avant is also the perfect hub for web-based content.

BeoRemote One

BeoRemote One millingThe new BeoRemote One is constructed from a single piece of extruded and milled aluminium. Not only does it look good, it feels good too.

Its skinny form-factor allows you to be able to reach all the buttons with your thumb.

BeoRemote OneThe ‘MyButtons’ feature enables the user to create up to three personalised settings available at one simple touch. A setting can include channel, volume setting and even stand and directional positioning of the TV. This allows you to recall all settings by the touch of one button.

BeoVision Avant – on sale now

The 55-inch BeoVision Avant is available in the UK as of today, May 8 2014, and will be on sale exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores.

Recommended price is £5,995 including BeoRemote One.

Placement options for wall, table or floor start from £695.


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