BenQ WiT desk lamp review

BenQ WiT e-reading desk lamp


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Great design
  • Premium materials
  • Ergonomic range
  • Range of temp/brightness control
  • Steady and sturdy


  • Very touch sensitive
  • Appears expensive to other lamps

benq wit silverThere have been a number of LED lamps that have made their way through Gadgety HQ, but the BenQ WiT is different. Not only does it look different, it boasts to be the first lamp designed for e-reading.

LED lighting is the future. I recently swapped out the halogens in the bathroom for LED units. We also have a number of LED lamps around the house. I am even considering replacing the low energy bulbs in the main ceiling fittings for LED. Why?

Well, LED is actually more efficient than even the low energy bulbs, they can also produce a brighter, whiter light. Furthermore, you don’t get that delay when switching them on as with the low energy bulbs.

So, when I was asked to take a look at the new BenQ WiT lamp I was intrigued. Yes, at first glance it looks just like an anglepoise-style desk lamp but, upon closer examination, it offers much more.

Features such as touch controls, customisable light temperature and brightness, to name but a few. Wide, Intelligent, Tailor-made – WiT.

BenQ WiT lamp design

Let’s start looking at the Wit from the business end of the light.

benq wit silver downThe lamp head is long and curves upwards at the ends. It is no surprise to discover that BenQ calls this “Smile Curve tech”.

At the rear end of the lamp-head is an aluminium ring, this is touch sensitive and is used to switch the light on and off.

Atop the lamp is a dial. This has a push control for selecting brightness or colour temperature mode and then you dial in the level.

That lamp is attached to the arm using a ball joint. The arm has two further points of articulation.

Additionally, it can also rotate at the base.

That base is extremely heavy. This gives the entire lamp great stability, even when hyper-extended.

benq wit blueI am a sucker for braided cable and the WiT comes packing. There is 6 foot of cable that terminates in a jack that fits the AC adapter and plug-type of your particular country. The cable also runs visibly through the lamp arm. I love this design touch.

The lamp measures 65 x 22 x 90 cm and weighs in at 4.7kg. Practically all that weight is in the stand as the rest of the lamp is made from aluminium or zinc.

The WiT is available in five different colours, I was sent the silver one which will suit any decor.

BenQ WiT lamp performance

The WiT looks and feels well designed and constructed. It could easily be a statement piece, depending on the room.


It is really easy to adjust the lamp to how you want it.

The lamp’s adjustable arm has two hinges. This allows the head of the lamp to be as low as 12-inches from the desk’s top.benq wit silverAlternatively, you can have it stand up to 33.5-inches high.

If you really need the height, BenQ sells a floor stand that will convert the WiT LED e-Reading desk lamp into a floor lamp. You can also purchase a desk clamp if you find the base takes up too much room.

benq wit colours and adjustabilityFurthermore, the lamp-head angle can also be fully adjusted using its ball joint.

Thanks to torque springs and friction control, all movement is extremely precise. More importantly, the lamp does not droop  but remains in position.


Having a lamp that would look equally great in an architect’s studio, swanky loft apartment, or in the office is all very well and good, but what about those lighting skills?

The LED lighting itself (18 watts worth) is flicker-free, dimmable, and adjustable in both colour temperature (between 2700K and 5700K) and brightness.

benq wit screen glareThe lamp head’s unique curved shape provides a 35-inch illumination range, which is 150% wider than many regular reading lamps.

The lamp’s LED panel has a stated 50,000 hour lifespan. That works out to using the lamp for 8 hours a day, for 17 years. In other words, you won’t have to replace the lamp for a very long time.

All of this together is designed to support different types of reading. The cool light is to focus and warmer when you wish to relax.


The BenQ WiT lamp has two controls. The chrome ring on the end and the dial on top.

The ring is a touch control that toggles power just by touching it.

Twisting the knob adjusts the brightness level in brightness mode or changes the colour temperature from cold to warm while in colour temperature mode. To switch between modes, simply press down on the dial and you’ll feel it click.

[youtube id=”NKvgb6seHV4″]

However, the ring has one more function in addition to toggling power. If you touch and hold the ring, a green LED will light up.

benq wit blue e-reading eye care mode LEDThis puts the lamp into Eye-Care Mode which sets the brightness level based on the ambient light automagically. This sets the light so that it’s brighter on the sides (up to 1800 LUX) and darker in the middle section, reducing screen reflection and contrast glare. Perfect for screen work/e-reading.

In use

I have had the WiT in my little office area, as well as in the living-room.

wit tailor madeAs a focus lamp in the living-room it is great. Being able to control the brightness and temperature, as well as positioning, means that one person can read whilst the other watches a film without arguing about the lights.

Of course, it is when using screens that the WiT shines or, rather, doesn’t.

The ambient sensor really does work to reduce screen glare. I found that it was comfortable to work under with my keyboard illuminated whilst my screen did not suffer with reflections and glare as would normally be the case with a desk lamp.

Also, the WiT looks so damn cool and contemporary.

BenQ WiT lamp review conclusion

The WiT is an extremely good-looking desk lamp, in my opinion.

Its aluminium and zinc alloy construction is sleek and gives off a premium vibe.

I love the design touches such as being able to get it in white with a silver head (as reviewed), as well as with heads in gold, pink, blue, or green. That braided cloth-wrapped power cord which is visible winding its way from the power adapter through the arms to the lighting module are also colour coded. This just adds to the WiT’s designer credentials.

Furthermore, the lamp does as it promises. Screen glare is greatly reduced as is eye-strain and fatigue.

My only gripe, which is extremely tiny, is that the touch sensitive ring is very sensitive. The amount of times I accidentally turned the lamp off when using the adjustment dial is innumerable. But, that might be just because I’m a big-handed klutz.

I really do like how the WiT looks and performs and have no qualms in recommending it to designers, architects, gamers and e-reader users alike. The price might seem excessive but I’ve seen similarly-priced lamps with less to offer.

However, if you like the design but are in the market for something smaller, the WiT Genie might be better suited. Amazon UK seems to only be currently listing it has a holding page though.

BenQ WiT lamp price and availability

You can get kitted out with your own WiT right now for £178 from Amazon.

It is available in 5 different colourways: Blue, Red, Silver, Green, Gold.