BenQ MID S6 Set For Global Release

Now, this is something that I don’t admit regularly but here is a MID that actually is worth salivating over,

With this Mobile Internet Device BenQ seems to have nailed almost everything on their MID S6.

They have crammed in an 800MHz Intel Atom CPU, 4.8-inch WVGA (800 x 480) display, 512MB DDR2 RAM, a 2GB SSD, Bluetooth 2.0 / WiFi, microSD slot, inbuilt “G-Senser” for “direct touch and free movement to surf on internet,” and support for a myriad of multimedia file formats.

I think it’s a pretty cool looking thing and now that they’ve settled on simply calling it the MID S6 instead of Aries2 I await for further information 🙂