BenQ GW2270H monitor review

BenQ GW2270H


Build quality


Ease of set-up


Picture quality




Value for money



  • Easy to live with
  • Bargain price
  • Great office/work monitor
  • Decent picture quality
  • Dual monitors for under £160!


  • Not ideal for gamers or photo/video editors
  • No height adjustment

benq gw2270h monitor reviewBenQ certainly have a monitor for everyone. Here at GadgetyNews we’ve reviewed a few high to mid spec screens but it is now time to check out something more entry level so we give you the GW2270H.

It is easy to get excited about the latest gaming panel or 4K display but not everyone needs, or wants that kind of monitor.

For instance, my needs are going to be different to someone who just nips online to update FaceSpace and Twitagram inbetween filing tax returns or making pie charts.

What we have here in the BenQ GW2270H, hopefully, is a no fuss but decent monitor.

BenQ GW2270H design

The GW2270H is not an unattractive monitor. It might look a little basic but the quality that we’ve all come to expect from BenQ is still there.

The matte black case is slim and the monitor is adjustable as far as the standard tilt from -5° to 20° goes, although it does miss out on the height alteration. The monitor’s textured bezel means that it won’t pick up too many noticeable fingerprints.

benq gw2270h top downI do really like the pattern on the rear of the monitor too!

The footprint of the pedestal is minimal so you don’t need much desk space, even should you decide to use more than one at a time. The stand is very easy to fit, which is always a bonus.

There’s enough connectivity options to sate most users, thanks to a single VGA and a pair of HDMI ports as well as headphone output.

BenQ GW2270H performance

The GW2270H features a flicker-free LED 22-inch AMVA panel placed within its reasonably thin matte black bezel.

This screen has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, and a native contrast of 3000:1. Response time is an unassuming 5ms and its maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 rounds up the more important specifications.

I can sense the gamers out there already dismissing the GW2270H based on the high-ish response time but, for the majority of users, these specs will be more than ample for everyday tasks.

benq gw2270h portsEven though the GW2270H might lack the lure of an IPS screen or extras such as DisplayPort connectivity, this monitor still makes use of the usual BenQ line of image improvement features.

You get such things as low blue light, Senseye 3, and an improved native contrast ratio.

The image quality is pretty decent, it has to be said and the 178°/178°wide-viewing angle is also noteworthy.

Granted, it’s not going to taunt one of the latest IPS panels but everything appears perfectly clear with a deep range of fairly realistic colours.

benq gw2270h backStills and video are sharp without being not fatiguing. Casual gaming can be had, but that’s not what this monitor is built for.

You do get some graining when the monitor is having to display a bright, solid block of colour but you really have to be wanting to see it, if you get my meaning. I dare say that most users would be more interested in the image being displayed than the matte panel’s slight graininess.

BenQ GW2270H monitor review conclusion

The BenQ GW2270H is certainly good value for money. My other half wanted to swap her BenQ DL2215 for the GW because of its more eye-friendly smarts such as flicker free viewing.

The GW2270H may be entry level but it is well designed and comes in at a price that you cannot really argue about for an office monitor.

BenQ GW2270H monitor price and availability

You can buy a BenQ GW2270H on Amazon now for less than £80!

More information can be enjoyed over at BenQ’s website.