BenQ EW2775 27-inch monitor review

BenQ EW2775ZH monitor


Build quality




Ease of use




Value for money



  • 27-inches of Full HD
  • Colour accuracy
  • Great contrast with added B.I.T.
  • Great office monitor
  • Can cope with casual gaming


  • Stand has limited adjustability

benq-ew2775-reviewGadgetyNews has reviewed a number of monitors from the lovely folk at BenQ and this time we have the EW2775ZH. The 27-inch monitor boasts an AMVA panel with full HDt 1080p resolution.

The EW2775 looks to be a well kitted out office monitor. It’s packing low blue light modes, flicker-free operation and ‘brightness intelligence technology’.

The specs actually go beyond those of a basic office station and should prove useful in most applications. We all know that specs are only half the story though, don’t we?

BenQ EW2775ZH design

The EW2775ZH has a similar vibe to the GW2270 we reviewed a while back.

benq-ew2775It has extremely slim bezels around three sides of the panel, with a thicker bezel at the bottom to house the logo, lights and buttons.

benq-ew2775-osd-buttonsThe small and circular physical buttons are found on the right underside of the bottom bezel. They’re relatively easy to find without looking and operate without any fuss.

The monitor is quite thin as well, thanks to a white LED backlight and an external power supply.

From the side the monitor is impressive, albeit not the thinnest that’s passed through our doors (ViewSonic’s VX2776 and the AOC Q2781PQ are definitely watching their waistline).

ew2775-backConnectivity comes by a pair of HDMI ports, VGA, a 3.5mm jack and the AC input. The monitor’s speakers are rear loaded too.

The stand does offer some adjustment but not as much as we experienced with BenQ’s BL-series and XL-series stands. The EW allows for back and forwards tilt, and that’s your lot.

BenQ EW2775ZH performance

The EW2775ZH is a full HD monitor, with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. A contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a refresh rate of 60hz. The panel is an 8bit AMVA+, with a response time of 12ms (4ms GtG) and comes with some neat features, such as ‘Brightness Intelligence Technology’ and ‘Low Blue Light Plus’ mode.

Viewing angles are a good 178° on both the horizontal and the vertical. As this is a BenQ monitor, it features extra viewing technology in the form of a flicker-free backlight.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

If you’re wondering what the heck ‘brightness intelligence technology’ (B.I.T.) is, it’s similar to the ‘Black eQualizer’ technology that BenQ use in their gaming monitors.

It brightens dark areas of the screen, making them more easily visible. It’s great for spotting enemy soldiers hiding in the shadowy areas on CS:GO, as well as highlighting dim areas in photos and videos.

benq-ew2775-workstationEW2775 In the office

We mustn’t forget that this is an office monitor. Granted, most monitors will cope with spreadsheets and documents, but these workhorses might get tasked with more demanding jobs.

Colour and contrast

These tasks mean that colour accuracy and contrast are of equal importance to resolution. This covers general photo editing through to colour grading, video production, through to 3D modelling.

The EW2775ZH produces with good contrast and decent colour accuracy. Although, I did notice that colours did look slightly different depending where it was. On the device I had to review a block of colour seemed a different shade in the top left to the bottom right. I realise that this monitor has been passed around, visiting at least my friends over at Tech Addicts before me, so it might be the signs of a tough life. But, on this occassion, the colour uniformity could be better.

Ignoring that small foible, the EW2775 is plenty good enough for general photo editing and video editing requirements. Perhaps not at a professional level, but I found it good enough for my needs and dare say that the average office user will find it a great tool.

Resolution and eye care

The 1080p resolution might seem a tad pedestrian these days. At least it means that there’s no scaling required to fill the 27-inch display.

The EW2775ZH’s high contrast with the B.I.T. ensures that darker areas of photos and videos are still easily visible.

benq-ew2775zh-edgeThe Low Blue Light modes are great for avoiding eye-strain and seems to minimise disruption to your sleep schedule as well.

Watching films on this BenQ was nice enough, handling bright colours and inky blacks pretty well.

If only it had the BL-series’s adjustable stand but, even without it, the EW makes a great office screen.

EW2775 Gaming

I know, I just can’t help myself. But when I have a 27-inch screen sat on my desk the temptation to test it with some gaming cannot be ignored.

1920 x 1080 resolution is the minimum acceptable for gaming these days, as is the refresh rate of 60Hz.

So, I am not expecting fireworks here. But then, this is aimed at workers rather than gamers. On that score, don’t be expecting any FreeSync or G-Sync tech here either.

benq-ew2775-gamingSaying that, I realise games have moved on quite a bit, but I remember the specs of the monitors I was using to game 10 years ago. The EW might well have been a dream machine for me back then.

I have to say that the EW2775ZH performed remarkably well with some casual gaming. It kept up with Project Cars without any noticeable lag in-game and the colours looked pretty good. CS:GO was equally well handled.

It might not be up to the standard of pure gaming monitors but, for jumping on and off for a quick session, the EW2775 will be enough to scratch that itch.

BenQ EW2775ZH review conclusion

The EW2775ZH is a stylish and thoroughly modern looking monitor. It also dishes out a clear and bright picture. It does lack the adjustability options of other screens though.

My model did seem to have a slight colour uniformity issue. On the other hand, its colour accuracy and contrast means that photo and video work is easily handled.

HD movies are also a joy to watch thanks to the high contrast ratio and ‘Brightness Intelligence Technology’. The Low Blue Light mode looks after your peepers when having to put the extra hours in to meet your deadline.

The EW2775ZH offers a good amount of ports and a lot of monitor for the money. Overall, its colour accuracy and contrast are the winners here for a great office monitor. It will even sate that quick gaming frenzy when it hits you.

BenQ EW2775ZH price and availability

You can buy the BenQ EW2775ZH for an amazing £180 right now on Amazon. That price might drop even lower in this week’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

As it is, it’s quite the bargain for a 27-inch monitor.