BenQ BL2706HT business monitor review

BenQ BL2706HT 27-inch HD monitor


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Decent framelss IPS screen
  • Good colours and contrast
  • Looks better than most office monitors
  • Adjustment options
  • Price


  • Hard to get excited over the specs

BL2706HT angleWhen BenQ asked if I’d take a look at their BL2706HT business monitor I said yes. Then almost immediately regretted it.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t rate BenQ’s monitors. Far from it. You just have to look at the previous panels we’ve had through here. Most, if not all, do exactly as they promise.

But, and be honest now, how many of you would get excited by waiting for a “business monitor” to arrive? Perxactly.

So, was it worth the wait or as bland as it sounded?

Read on gadgety faithful.

BenQ BL2706HT design

The BL2706HT is a 27-inch monitor. Even though it has been designed with offices in mind, it looks pretty good.

You have a “framless” design – so extremely skinny bezels on three sides and a neat looking stand.

BL2706HT eyesThe edge-to-edge full HD IPS panel saves you around 40mm of real estate. That’s got to be worth something, right?

The stand gives you all manner of adjustments, not to mention the option to spin it to portrait.BL2706HT rearInput-wise you get the standard HDMI, VGA and DVI. Remember, this has been built with work in mind.

It might not be white-knuckle ride mind-blowing, but it is a decent looking monitor. I am digging the coloured highlights in the stand cut-out and hook at the rear.

BenQ BL2706HT performance

The 16:9 ratio 27-inch full HD (1920×1080) IPS panel is equipped with an anti-glare matte finish that actually works.

Even in full view of sunlight, the screen remains viewable.

Contrast is impressive and colours come through crisp and clear.


As alluded to early, the stand allows for 140mm of height adjustment, 45-degrees of swivel in either direction and 20-degrees of backwards and 5-degrees forwards.

Frankly, that’s something I only expect from more expensive monitors. Add in to that the option of having it portrait or landscape orientations, then the BL2706HT is already looking good.

Furthermore, you are also given a 178-degree viewing angle. Now, I haven’t measured this myself, but you could easily get a bunch of folk around this to show off your latest PowerPoint presentation and all will be able to be amazed by its glory.

BL2706HT portraitEye care

By now you should be used to the fact that BenQ tends to pack their screens with stuff that’s kind to your peepers. Well, the BL2706HT is not different.

Granted, this might be a budget-friendly office monitor but it still packs a flicker-free display. This means your boss can get more hours out of you though, thanks to that pesky steady light source.

There’s also Low Blue Light. You get to choose between Multimedia, Web Surfing or Office. Blue light has been connected to sleep disruption, amongst other things.


With a 6ms typical grey-to-grey response time I wasn’t expecting much.

However, for jumping on for a quick game at lunch time, it’s not bad.

I wouldn’t want to spend hours on it gaming, but those who hop on and off between writing blogs, say, it’s capable.

Competitive gamers might want more though.

In-game colours are vibrant and the contrast is ok. Especially as this is supposed to be something for the office.

BL2706HT review conclusion

If this was strapped to my office desk, I would be more than happy.

The BL2706HT is adjustable and possesses excellent viewing angles.

Editing video and stills on it has been trouble free. This is partly due to the decent colour reproduction and contrast, but also the anti-glare finish.

It might not be up there with the gaming monitors I’ve tested, but the BL2706HT makes a decent fist at first person shooters.

All-in-all, I find very little to knock about this office-friendly display.

BL2706HT price and availability

Now, this is where everything I’ve said comes in to focus.

You can buy this monitor now from Amazon UK for £190!

Yup, 27-inches of Full HD on a fully adjustable stand for less than 200 notes.