BenQ BL2420Z monitor review

BenQ BL2420Z monitor




Build quality


Display quality


Adjustment options





  • Range of adjustment options
  • Range of connectivity
  • Small footprint
  • sRGB colour space
  • Reasonably priced


  • No HDMI
  • Poor speakers

benq bl2420z monitor reviewThe BenQ BL2420Z monitor should not be confused with the BenQ XL2420Z gaming screen whose larger sibling, the XL2720Z, I reviewed back in October. The BL in the name shows that it is part of BenQ’s Business Line.

The BenQ BL24020Z gets a 23.8-inch AMVA panel, a thinner bezel and smaller stand foot-print than previous models, and a brushed metal effect texture on the base.

So, is this business machine fit for purpose or should it be given its P45 and told look for another job?

BenQ BL2420Z monitor design

The BenQ BL2420 screen surround is coated in a nice matte black finish and the stand features the cable management oval hole we’ve seen in other BenQ monitors. The BL is carrying a rather fetching blue colour instead of the red featured on the more gaming-oriented machines.

benq bl2420z monitor sensorThe front of the monitor features proximity and light sensors as well as a range of touch sensitive, back lit, control buttons.

benq bl24020z monitor stand detailThe base is square and takes up much less desk space than the previous models the BL2420Z replaces.

benq bl2420z monitor portraitAs the BL is intended for use in the workplace it’s great to see that it has a full range of adjustments. Not only do you get height and tilt adjustment, there’s swivel and the ability to rotate the display through 90-degrees for portrait viewing.

benq bl2420z monitor ports portraitAround the rear you’ll find VGA, DVI, Display Port 1.2, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.5mm line-in and 2 USB 2.0 ports (plus upstream). 100 x 100mm VESA holes are included if you wish to use an alternative VESA 100 stand or mounting solution.

The BenQ BL2420Z monitor is fitted with 2 x 1W stereo speakers which will do the job of email notifications and calendar reminders but I wouldn’t be expected high fidelity audio here.

The BL2420Z is basically wearing a business suit and not some garish designer outfit. It appears to have covered everything required for the job in its CV.

BenQ BL2420Z monitor performance

The BL2420Z’s AMVA (Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) panel offers a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution with a 7ms grey to grey (G2G) response time. The W-LED backlight is flicker free and covers a normal sRGB gamut. You also get a 60Hz refresh rate and 8-bit colour depth.

BenQ BL2420 gives you 100% native rendering sRGB spectrum, where most IPS non-pro monitors offer 97% rendering. BenQ has used technology to help the AMVA in the BL2420Z in order for it to achieve professional results.

As workers are expected to be stuck in front of their monitors, concentrating for long periods, the BenQ BL2420 offers two very important functions to protect consumers’ eyes: Blue Flicker-free and Low Light, Eye-Sense.

benq bl2420z monitor menuBenQ’s Flicker-free technology controls the LEDs lighting intensity and frequency so that the refresh rate doesn’t stress your eyes out.

The low blue-light mode is here too. This helps reduce the sleep-blocking effects of staring at a screen. This has four settings: Multimedia (30% light blue), Web surfing (50% reduction in light blue), Office (60% reduction in light blue) and Reading (70% reduction in light blue).

As you have no doubt also noticed, there are settings for sRGB, CAD/CAM, Animation, Standard, Movie, Photo and ECO. These should cover any business use.

Naturally, I ignored all this business chat and tried it with a few games. Not being able to adjust that 60 Hz refresh rate was the first stumbling block and although the 5ms latency is quite respectable, there were a few occasions where I there was noticeable ghosting but this generally only showed itself in racing sims and the like. First person shooters seem mostly fine.

benq bl2420z monitor crysisI realise that the Business Line isn’t built for gaming, I am sure hooking up a gaming console or slinging on a game during break-time would be fine. But if gaming is your main thing, best stick with the XL range my gadgety friends.

Back to business though. As you can imagine, a lot of my time is spent tapping away these tech-based missives and working in front of the BL for hours was quite comfortable.

The range of adjustment options also helps get in a nice comfy position thereby mitigating neck and back strain. BenQ quotes viewing angles of 178-degrees/178-degrees, I couldn’t find my protractor so all I can say is that the viewing angles are pretty darned good.

The colours appear to be very natural and so great for editing photos and videos. The sRGB setting is helpful, particularly for web design, as this is the world’s default colour space. Most consumer applications, devices, printers, and web browsers default to sRGB and read colour information accordingly when dealing with images.

The matte anti-glare screen also helped in my little home office and I can expect it would be even more effective in a large open-planned office.

As expected, the speakers prove what headphones are for. Either that or some external speakers. #JustSayin.

BenQ BL2420Z monitor review conclusion

As I think I have pointed out. The BenQ BL2420Z is a display dedicated to professionals, not gamers – but it can handle some sly gaming if needed.

There are plenty of connectivity options: D-sub, DL-DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, USB, audio in and audio out – but no HDMI.

benq bl2420z monitor detailBeing equipped with sRGB points at the screen’s primary uses and the range of adjustments available, including portrait/landscape options shows the BenQ BL2420Z monitor’s flexibility.

I think this monitor is ideal for any professional office set up.

BenQ BL2420Z monitor price and availability

You can buy the BenQ BL2420Z now from for £155.