Belkin Flywire – Wireless Hi-Definition

Belkin are still pushing to make our lives cable free.

The largest glut of wires must be lurking behind your home cinema rig.

Enter Flywire!  Belkins new wireless transmitter and receiver that can send 1080p video over a 5GHz band with a little help from Amimon. This probably means it’s WHDI.

They promise little to no interference and no latency even for gamers.  A recent viewing of a Blu-Ray movie showed pretty much no hint that there wasn’t physical connection.

As for connections you’ll get three HDMI ins, two component ins, one composite, and one HDMI out.

Remote control is done via IR, which should be welcome news to those of you with universal remotes.

FlyWire will come in two flavours:

The FlyWire AV69003 will come somewhere between $999.99-$1,499.99 and is meant for a whole-home solution with an IR backchannel for multi-room control.

While the FlyWire R1 AV69000 at the $699.99 ballpark is meant for a single room without the IR backchannel.

Nope, not cheap but a lot less hassle than channeling your walls to ‘plumb’ everything in or to buy a custom wireless solution.

FlyWire should be in the shops next month.