Beats mixr – DJ Headphones by Dre Remixed by David Geutta

Beats by Dr Dre has a new stablemate aimed at those mixers n matchers out there. The Beats mixr cans have been built with the collaboration of French roof-raiser David Guetta.

As you would expect from the Monster headphone range these Beats mixr earpleasers will lean more to the bass-end of your tunes, are very noticeable and wont be cheap.

The unique selling point of the mixr is that one of the mixr’s earcups swivels around on a hinge – this will allow you to take requests or chat with the VIP’s allowed into your booth whilst you whip up a dancefloor storm. Well, that or you can hear your mum tell you that your dinner is on the table going cold.

The Beats mixr look like they’re going to be lighter on your lugs and will be available in black and white options, with matte or gloss coatings.

Here comes the painful bit – the mixr features a £250 price tag. Hopefully that swanky swiveler will be robust enough to see you through more than 5 sets at the local club.

They’ll be available to buy in HMV shops in October or you can order them from the Beats website.

If I can get my paws on a set I’ll let you know if the price is right 😉

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