Beats bought by Apple for $3.2 billion confirmation

Apple-BeatsYou may have heard the rumour mill churning out that Apple was looking to by Beats Audio in a deal worth a tasty $3.2 billion. It seems that this has now been confirmed.

The confirmation came from Rapper and Actor Tyrese Gibson’s Instagram account, who posted a photo of himself and Dr Dre, where he states:

Tonight HIP HOP CHANGED FOREVER AND I WAS THERE TO PAY MY RESPECTS!!!!!! Apple = Beats 3.2 BILLION!!!!!! The night everything changed!!!! #Inspired Whoa!!!!!

beats apple audioAs yet there is no official word Apple on the deal, although we suspect there will be some sort of official announcement over the next few days.

Exactly what Apple has planned for Beats Audio remains to be seen, the company was previously in partnership with HTC, although Beats purchased HTC’s share of the company back last year.

As an interesting sideline – this also makes Dr Dre the first billionaire rapper.

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