BeatBlaster App Squeezes Your Entire Hi-Fi Including Turntable into your iPad

BeatBlaster iPad appIf you fancy being able to carry around your hi-fi seperates with you then you should check out the BeatBlaster iPad app.

The BeatBlaster iPad application magically transforms your Apple tablet in too a mini hi-fi system.

BeatBlaster not only looks pretty scweeeet it actually has a few neat features. I particularly like the way when you plug in your headphones you can see a jack being plugged in to the socket on the screen, also the ‘CD player’ ejects and shows you all the spines of on-screen CD cases as you flick through your collection. Very cool.

You also get a virtual turntable – not sure how you store that music on the system but it looks good anyhooo.

You, of course, get volume control, radio channel seeking, an adjustable the equaliser, etc.

I also dig the fact that you can use your iPhone as a remote control for the iPad application. I never thought I’d see anything cooler than the AirCassette app!

The apps have been created in a collaboration between mobile development agency AppConcept and design agency StagLabel.

The BeatBlaster Remote is available for free on the App Store, and the BeatBlaster iPad application is now available to download from the iTunes app store for just £1.99, a bargain!

Check out the vid:


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