Bear-proof Peli Elite cooler boxes – ice lasts 10 days

peli cooler elite drinkBear-proofing might not be on the top of your coolbox requirements but Peli is pretty sure that their promise of keeping ice frozen for up to 10 days will be.

As our wonderful British weather constantly proves, a heatwave can strike at any moment. So, it’s best to be picnic and camping ready at all times.

New to the UK this summer, from the brand that brings you the world’s toughest protective cases, are Peli Elite cooler boxes. These amazing coolers boast an incredible ice retention of 7-10 days. The coolers also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Developed in the US, these certified bear-resistant Peli Elite Coolers are perfect for any outdoorsy types, as well as BBQ fans.

Whether you use frozen ice packs to keep food chilled, or ice cubes to cool your drinks, it’s now possible to store perishable foods and keep cool drinks chilled without needing to replenish the ice packs, or buy fresh ice for a week or more.

Designed specifically for extreme outdoor use, Peli Elite Coolers are the most durable coolers on the market. They also look awesome!

peli elite cool boxAs you would expect from Peli, these coolers are built using the most durable polymers and are engineered with secure press- and-pull latches. A clever bottle opener is part of the stainless steel lock design and the smaller 20Q model even has four handy cup holders embedded in its lid.

Bear proofing might be a tad overkill for the UK but they should keep even the wiliest fox at bay.

Peli Elite Cooler price and availability

In the UK Peli Coolers are available in four sizes and retail from £184.33 to £285.61. They are available from currently has the Peli Elite Marine Coolbox, the one with 4 can holders on the lid, for £250.