Beanzawave – USB Powered Bean Heating Microwave

beanzawaveYou know what it’s like.

You’re in the middle of a game or watching a film and suddenly require sustainance.

Mmmmmmmmm………beans will always be good and if you’ve got your PC kitted out with a toasting ‘hot bread drive’beans on toast right at your desk – BOSH!

That’s the dream.

That’s why Heinz is working on a USB beans microwave.

This is really real – The Beanzawave is billed as the world’s smallest microwave, measuring just 7.4 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep.

It’s perfect for desktop bean heating, and Heinz is even dabbling in Lithium Ion batteries for on the go beans heating.

The whole shebang should be released for a hundred notes (which should push it out of the reach of students) if Heinz ever does release it, which it’ll do if consumer feedback is positive.

Chalk me down for one people!

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