BBC News Saved by iPhone – Apple Handheld Helps With Headlines

BBCiPhone to the rescue!

Quick-thinking Alison Roper, who often presents Radio 4’s Today programme and the World Service, was ready to go on air for BBC Radio 3 when all the in-house computers and telephone systems crapped out.

Who could she rely on with only moments to go before going live? Her trusty Apple iPhone was right at hand.

She deftly opened her email and read the headlines from the touchscreened saviour.

“The words were reasonably clear on my iPhone screen,” she said. “But I tried tipping the phone sideways so that the writing becomes bigger and then I lost the whole sentence. You need to read ahead all the time when you are reading out news”.

“I had to tip it back to the right position and just scroll through very quickly with my finger, hoping to God I didn’t do something accidentally. My heart was in my mouth but you have to take a deep breath and plunge in”.

Phwew! Is the iPhone BBC standard issue yet?

Reckon it should be 😉

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