BB-8 is the Sphero droid you can buy tomorrow

sphero bb-8The first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser included an astromech droid that looked like a rolling orange soccer ball with the head of R2-D2 on top of it. BB-8 could possibly knock the beloved Artoo off the cutest droid top spot and, as of Friday September 4th, you could have your own BB-8

BB-8 has had a tricky life already but when the ball-droid rolled onto the stage at the Anaheim junket and got into a beeping fight with R2-D2 I think a new metallic star was definitely born.

Having a real droid rather than just puppetry and CGI was the goal and this was made possible thanks to robot-toy company Sphero (who quickly added a Star Wars page to their website where you could sign up for the Sphero mailing list).

bb-8 orangesThen starts the want.

I’ve a few R2 droids (one lives in my PC case) but now I want… need… my own BB-8. Thankfully, very soon, I will be able to – and so will you.

Tomorrow, Friday September 4th, is “Force Friday” where Disney and Lucasfilm allow the Star Wars canonical story to expand beyond Return of the Jedi and stretch forward in fictional time towards The Force Awakens.

We’ll be getting our first look at some characters from December’s movie, as well as tie-in products that fill in the narrative gaps between Episodes VI and VII.

sphero bb-8 schematicThe Disney Store is planning to have locations opening at 12:01AM Friday morning as are Disney theme parks and a select number of other stores. I’ve just given the Sphero BB-8 mailing list sign-up another nudge and got the helpful little message that I should check back at 12:01 on Friday.

Sphero will be supplying the full-size BB-8s that will soon be seen rolling around Dinseyland parks as well as on the set of future Star Wars movies (assuming BB-8 survives The Force Awakens).

sphero bb-8 tweetThe official Sphero twitter account has been flashing a Force Friday countdown tweet but have just shown the picture above.

sphero bb-8 packagingPresumably this all points to a Force Friday release but still no hints on price.

Watch the Sphero BB-8 in action in the video below:
[youtube id=”-1Y2WfcCb4M”]