Bargain iPad – Discounted Apple Tablet

Whilst all the hullabaloo was centred on the arrival of iPad 2 there was some news that was slipped in under the radar.

The original iPad has received a significant price slash and, as a result, makes it a definite candidate for your first tablet.

Bounce over to the Apple Store and check out the original Wi-Fi-only iPad 16GB which is now available for budget friendly £329 – the 32GB model is now £399 – that’s a £100 saving in both cases.

Save a huge £120 and grab the 64GB model now it’s down to £479.

The savings on the 3G models follow an identical pattern at £429, £499 and £579.

If the iPad 2 updates have left you a little unimpressed and money isn’t as free as it should be then take solace in the fact that the original iPad will continue to do pretty much everything the new device can do – just a little bit slower.

Granted you might miss out on the cameras but you’ve probably got a camera phone any how 😉

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