Bare Conductive brings DIY electronics to the masses

bare conductive boomboxBare Conductive creates electronic tools and kits to empower people’s imaginations and creativity by connecting any surface, object or space to the digital world. Could their kits be the ideal Christmas gifts for those who like to tinker?

The British company offers a range of unique tools, kits and creative guides that should get your imagination running wild.

Bare Conductive could turn bedroom walls into interactive light shows or create digital music instruments using everyday items around the house. Personally I can see the former going down better than the latter over the festive season.

Even though this innovative tech will provide a perfect creative outlet for those looking for something a little different, it can also be enjoyed as part of a group activity to provide a cool creative experience.

Touch Board Starter Kit – £95

bare conductive starter kitBare Conductive’s Touch Board Starter Kit comes with everything needed to make a poster play music or give objects the ability to speak. Each kit contains a Touch Board, electric paint and everything needed to start transforming the world around you including a guidebook with 3 creative projects so you can begin right away.

The starter kit also encourages users to stray from the featured projects if they wish and is packed with ideas, resources and inspiration to give life to your imagination.

Touch Board – £55

bare conductive touch boardBare Conductive’s Touch Board is a piece of hardware that can transform Electric Paint sensor data into sound, light or data in the cloud. You are able to turn almost any material or surface into a sensor to create musical instruments, interactive surfaces or even light switches.

Aimed at both beginners and programming experts, the Touch Board has 12 electrodes that can be extended to create individual touch sensors using Electric Paint. Anything conductive can be attached to one of its 12 electrodes to make interactive and responsive interfaces. The board is also equipped with an onboard MP3 player capable of playing up to 12 of your favourite songs to enhance your creative experience.

Get Bare Conductive and do your own thing

Bare Conductive allows you to make anything you want – you can be as creative as you want and create something no one else will have.

You need more inspiration? Take a look at these examples of what you can create using Bare Conductive’s tools.

Head on over to the website for more details. Even I’m tempted to give this a whirl!