Bang Martin – B&O and Aston Martin together

B&O_Aston MartinThose who know me know the fact that I love cars. Nice, well designed cars that have been created through passion and not just wind-tunnels and auto-cad. And, if you know me, you know that I have long promised myself an Aston Martin (I have ‘my’ Vanquish already designed and ready – all I have to do is press ‘send’).

So when this gorgeous marque announced a “creative partnership” with top AV gurus, Bang&Olufsen, I was quite beside myself.

The press release clearly states that designers, engineers and specialists from both companies will be working closely together in the future. B&O are already rendering systems for the Audi A4 but to partner AM – now that’s more tasty and inkeeping with such a premier brand.

Aston Martin CEO, Ulrich Bez, remarked how Bang & Olufsen products should fit seamlessly within Aston Martin vehicles:

“Elegance and excellence go hand in hand, and designers, engineers and specialists in both companies will work closely together to achieve a benchmark result.”

This was reciprocated by B&O Chief Executive Officer, Torben Ballegard Sorensen:

“There are deep similarities between our cultures and heritages.”

Now, all I need is either a lottery win or that lucrative contract!

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