Bands Should Give Away Albums With Gig Tickets

Music industry commentator, Bob Lefsetz, has recently posted his reasoning as to why he thinks that bands should figure out ways to give away their music with each concert ticket.

As you may know, musicians make most of our money through gig revenue and merchandise these days – so we have to find ways to increase the value of those tickets as much as possible.

Generally speaking, most people go to concerts to hear the music they already know and join in with the band. Bob reckons that it figures that the more the band can make sure people actually know their songs, the happier the fans are going to be at concerts (and they may be more willing to pay that little bit extra).

I agree with this up to a point – I liked the idea when I went to see Prince at the O2 we got a free CD (I liked the ticket price even more – £31.21!) but most people will have already bought the new album before going to the gig or even buying a ticket.

Perhaps a remix album that wouldn’t be available at the stores, a “Part 2” to the current album or something that would bolster ticket sales and not be detrimental to album sales may be a better tact.

What do you think?