Badabing! Find your friends swimwear Facebook pics – yeah, there’s an app for that

badabing bikini search appThe iPhone is a pretty decent bit of kit but, you know what’s missing? Wireless charging? Nope. NFC? Nope. Being able to find Facebook pictures of your ‘friends’ wearing bikinis? Errr…

I am guessing that’s how the brainstorming session went when the deveopers at Badabing! were mulling over how to increase the life enhancing quality of your iOS device.

Badabing! by Badabing! makes good use of Facebook’s confusing privacy settings and looks to help those of you out there who waste time trawling through your friend’s picture albums with the hope of catching them in swimwear.

Facebook stalking is taken to new heights depths and this app helps you find those snaps of your friends in a bikini at a beach or a pool.

Badabing! is pretty proud of its achievements: Have you ever browsed endlessly through a friend’s albums looking for beach or pool pics? Badabing! helps you find them in a minute. Then browse, bookmark or share!

Once purchased for £1.49 the app asks you to plug in your Facebook credentials and select friends you want the app to search through – I’m guessing to prevent you perving over your mum or sister. Well, phew – at least they do care about something.

I’m guessing that Badabing! uses some sort of skin tone to image ratio recognition software.

Is this wrong? Well, if the “beach and pool” pictures are available on Facebook for anyone to see, then technically no.

Should there be an app to help pervs find these pictures without at least putting the work in? You tell me.

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