BackPack – The Apple iMac / Cinema Display Shelf You Never Realised You Needed

BackPack 2 ShelvesTo be filed under ‘Simple but Genius’ this is the equally simply named BackPack.

It clips onto the back of new iMac and Cinema Displays and creates a shelf for stuff.

The stupidly simple contraption fastens to your Mac’s stem with a couple of non-scratch clips and allows you to connect more than one thus turning the back of your puter into a brushed aluminum shelving unit – oh yeah!!!! 🙂

You could display a variety of nick-knacks but I believe that these shelves are actually intended for accessories such as external hard drives, USB hubs, and docked iPhones.

Apple sees the brilliance in this simple yet effective design as they’re planning to carry the BackPack in their stores, for $30 a shelf, or $150 for a pack of six.

As I said – genius!

Check out the BackPack site.

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