Backpack / Tent / Hammock Combo – Glasto, Latitude, Download, V Festival

respiteHere’s the scene.  There’s 5 of you trying to get yourselves + crates of beer and your tents and backpacks into a battered Corsa and head off to a festival – space saving is paramount!

It comes down to bringing your tent, backpack or your fold-up chair for the chilled, round the campfire moments of an evening (leaving the beer is NOT an option!).

Solution – bring it all!

This clever tent/hammock/back-pack combo is called Respite.

It converts from hammock to tent by simply pulling the four zippers down to the ground.

All of the joints are hinged and covered with rubber so it is also easy to change back into a backpack and prevent any pinching in the process.

respite pack hammock tent

The only downside is that any gust of wind whilst in hammock mode would see some of your belongings whisked away from inside your tent – but hey the plus side is if your tent gets flooded at least you can sleep on the roof!

Respite was designed by Ryan Heiser and hopefully this design hits production soon.

Yanko via Coolest Gadgets

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