Back to the early mornings

If, like me, you have managed to get a decent break away from the normality of getting up to an alarm clock you will have found it pretty hard to get up once more when you need to.

So, to see the new year in – here’s some alarm clocks that have caught my eye.

First up is the Alarm Ring from Yanko Design.

Alarm RingThe designer (Meng Fandi) has put together a neat 2 ring design.  The rings are worn on the finger (where else?) and will vibrate you awake at the desired time.  Couples can avoid that grumpy annoyance when waking up at different times as there’s no audible alarm and both rings can be set to vibrate at different times.

Next up is for a more natural look to perhaps suit your modern surroundings.

wooden alarm clock

When not in use this simply looks like a block of wood but the numbers appear to float on the face of this understated time-piece.

You can buy this for £99 from Firebox.

If you’d rather wake up to something more animated and that will force you to get up off your ass to stop the alarm then Think Geek should be your next port of call.

Flying Alarm This totally cool idea will wake you with a “loud, shrieking alarm” and, at the same time, will launch the propeller up from the clock base.  “So?”, you ask.  Well, until you crawl out of your pit, pick up the propeller and replace it on the base, that loud, shrieking alarm will continue!  $24.99 and it’s yours.