Back to the Future Flying DeLorean – The Coolest Quadrotor [video]

Back to the Future DeLorean QuadrotorQuadrotors are cool. That’s a given fact. But, make a quadrotor in to one of the most famous flying cars (ignoring Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) then it moves from cool to genius. Marvel at the flying model DeLorean.

Back to the Future is a much loved series of films and who can forget the immortal words “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads!” – but, most of all, it was watching the iconic car lifting up in to the sky and flying off that left many a jaw on the floor.

The video below shows that the same scene is still prompting people to go out and recreate it – this time it’s thanks to the design of quadcopters or quadrotors that makes this model car fly.

As well as the quadrotors, the stainless steel bodywork of the DeLorean has been replaced with lightweight foamcore.

Unfortunately, it’s not a mini Mr. Fusion powering the dinky DeLorean and those lights are actually LEDs but I could definitely see a commercial version of this sitting in every geek/film fan’s room in pride of place.

This needs to go in to mass production!!

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