Awesome DIY Pulse Laser Blaster – Order Yours Now

We all love laser weapons – whether they be blasters or sabers so feast your eyes upon this DIY made-to-order pulse laser gun.

The laser pistol can fire off a 1-Megawatt pulse which is enough to pop balloons, punch holes through paper, scorch wood, and probably terrorise your siblings!

“It holds a small pulse laser head, capable of generating a kW-pulse of coherent infra-red light. One shot can punch through a razorblade, plastic, 5mm styrofoam when focussed. Effective range on 3m (dark surfaces)…you will see a stinging flame and a 5mm stain will remain on target. The goal was, to create handheld device…AS COMPACT as possible. Its 320mm long and weights about 2 pounds.

Materials used: Plexi for the center-plate, and brass / aluminum for the casing. Each and every part, handmade…took about 70 hours of work.”


The pulse gun featured in the picture and the video below is a one-off commission but the person behind its creation is more than willing to build one for you!

Enjoy the video 🙂

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