Awesome Bathroom Gadgets

When it comes to adding some accessories to the bathroom, there is an increasing requirement for cool, contemporary gadgets to make life that little bit easier. The bathroom is the top place in the home to unwind and relax after a hard day at work, adding accessories to improve usability makes rest room experiences much more relaxed and simpler.

Tune In

dockThere’s nothing quite like some good music or your favourite radio station to get you started in the morning. Luckily, technology has developed enough to allow us to have a sing-along in the bath or shower and there are radios and docks available that are safe to use in the bathroom. As well as these portable options, you can now also choose a wall hung cabinet or mirror with a radio built into it, plug your I pod or mp3 player into a transmitter and enjoy your favourite playlist whilst freshening up.

Power On

remote showersLong gone are the days of stepping into an ice cold shower, experiencing the unwelcoming shock that the hot water is yet to make an appearance.

Enjoy the luxury of a remote control shower, choose your temperature, turn it on and let the shower to the work before you step into the rush of cold water.

Available from various manufacturers and in a range of designs, remote control showers can fit into any bathroom space.

led showerLight Up

As well as investing in a remote control shower, you can also up your showering ante with an LED shower head. These come in various colours and are perfect for setting the mood in your bathroom and providing you with a sensual, relaxing showering experience time and time again.

Perfect for unwinding after a hard day or whether you are just choosing to add a hint of contemporary style to your bathroom, LED shower heads are the perfect addition to the modern bathroom.

Add Some Fun

shower curtainAlthough the bathroom is a stylish and popular place for both residents and guests, there is nothing wrong with adding some fun to make it a much more enjoyable space. Novelty toilet seats, shower curtains and accessories are all popular additions to modern bathrooms, whether there are children in the home or not, we spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, so it’s only right we add some fun and games to make it more enjoyable.


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