AViiQ Ready Clips – No Tangle USB Connectors

aviiq ready clip USBMini cables certainly have their place – generally in a laptop bag. They’re handy as, when you’re doing your portable puting, you don’t need yards of cable. If you’re anything like me you can still get these in a tangle. Well,  AviiQ have a very neat solution with their Ready Clips.

Ready Clips from AViiQ are funky little flat USB cables for Micro, Mini and Apple’s 30 pin connector. Each cable is only 5.5-inches long and .25-inches thick.

The cleverness is that, and their name kinda gives it away, they are equipped with clips.

This means that you can just hook them on any pocket in your bag when they’re not in use or even on your shirt ready for deployment.

They’ll latch onto anything thin enough and stay there until you’re ready to use them.

To help you organise your tech and cables even further, AViiQ have kindly colour-coded them.

AViiQ has a variety of sets on offer ranging from  £10 – £20 depending on your choice.

They are currently out of stock on the UK site but still available via their AviiQ.com area 😉

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