For the Homer Simpson in you – or perhaps you’re a beat cop that works to your rules and gets the job done your way.  Or, may be, you just love doughnuts. Enter the Dough-nu-Matic.  $130US of pure ‘holey’ joy.  Slop some dough mix in one end and a dozen hot doughnuts appear at the […]

The Only Way is UP(3)

LG’s latest MP3 player is the UP3. Its shiny all-metal casing houses a player that can play MP3, WMA, OGG (w00t!) and ASF video files. There are no plans to release colour-coded magnifying lenses at present to use with the tiny 65,000-colour OLED screen.  The UP3 will come in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities and costs â‚©84,000 […]

Nokia Music Store Opens Tomorrow

What great timing – I’ve just got my shiny new N95 and then those lovely people at Nokia decide to open an iTunes style store just for me – they just know how much I love music :0) Prices are 79p per track or an album for £7.99 – whack em onto your Windows Media […]

Central Park Gets Even Cooler!

Possibly Whirlpools’ attempt to get men to spend more time in the kitchen, or perhaps just another step in the evolution of a totally digital home – you decide. This is the ‘Whirlpool Centralpark Connection’ installed fridge.  Not only is it a damn nice looking fridge but it has a clever attachment in the door (the Centralpark […]

Hello world!

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