Neato Botvac D3 Connected vacuum cleaner review

Last year we took the Neato Botvac Connected for a spin. Since then Neato has released a few more in the range. The latest Botvac to join the family is the D7. However, we have been putting the D3 through its paces. The Neato Botvac D3 Connected sports Wi-Fi connectivity, laser mapping and even links […]

Optoma HD50 Home Cinema projector review

I watch too much TV, that’s what my wife tells me on a daily basis. Things escalated when I recently purchased a new 65-inch 4K Sony Bravia! Why does it need to be so big? What was wrong with the 50-inch TV we had? For me, when it comes to home cinema, bigger is always […]

Red 5 X Series 2.4 camera drone review

House of Fraser are stocking tech toys from Red 5 now. They have kindly sent over their X Series 2.4 quadcopter camera drone for us to have a look at. The X Series 2.4 drone is fitted with a HD camera and 4GB Micro SD. It also boasts a six axis gyroscope and 3D eversion […]

Revell Control Spot 2.0 camera quad drone review

A couple of months ago Abe reviewed the Nano Quad Cam drone from Revell Control. We have since had the Spot 2.0 camera drone sent over to have a look at. This time Darren has taken the controls. The main expectation for the Revell Control Spot 2.0 camera drone was improved optics over the Nano […]

HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset review

We have been sent the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset to review by our lovely sponsors over at GearBest. This was handed over to the latest member of the GadgetyNews team, Darren. Take it away! A quick intro Firstly, I feel I have to set the scene regarding me and my gaming pedigree. I’m a […]