Aura Drone uses hand movements to fly

aura drone gloveWe have just been informed of a rather cool-looking gesture-controlled drone called Aura. Yup, you fly it using a special glove.

Developer and distributer KD UK has announced a new partnership with US robotics development innovators LocoRobo Innovations Inc.

One of the fruits of this partnership is the introduction of Gesturebotics Aura.

This uses wearable gesture control robotics technology, which has previously only been used in military application.

Aura DroneAura Drone details

[amazon_link asins=’B074JGBVVV’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]Key highlights of the Gesturebotics Aura products includes a glove, a caged robot and intuitive gestures.

The glove features gesture control tech that will enable you to control the flying robot with the wave of your hand.

Naturally, the clip below makes it look almost effortless. If this is really the case, I can see more people wanting this option on the prosumer drones.

Granted, it might not offer the pin-point accuracy of a decent controller, but just how cool does it look?

The video shows the magical experience, akin to some super hero/sci-fi movies.

It also shows a father-figure who just doesn’t get it. Sheeesh, silly olds!

[youtube id=”V3fbQDgVwAA”]

Additionally, the drone can roll, climb walls and ceilings as well as fly, all controlled by your gestures.

The rolling cage protects the robot from crashing. With my current flight record, this is no bad thing. However, they do tell me that the Aura offers a precise and fun flying experience.


Seth Bishop, managing director at KD UK, says:

We are very excited to be able to introduce such an innovative new product to the market at this years’ Toy Fair. Combining the high quality of the product and its technology, the relevance to consumers with our extensive marketing plans, we expect to see a great reaction from retailers throughout the upcoming trade fairs and look forward to the launch of the Gesturebotics Aura in AW ’17.”

LocoRobo’s founder, Pramod Abichandani, adds:

Gesturebotics AuraTM is a completely new way of interacting with toys around us. With AuraTM, controlling and flying robots is now easier than ever. It’s like that super power that you always wanted from your favourite sci-fi movie.”

Price and availability

The Aura Drone is available right now from Amazon for just under £100.

It does look pretty sweet. Hopefully it is as easy to fly as it looks.