Audio Technica Have Something Shiny for the Ladies – Bijoue AT-SPF30

Sonic clever-clogs, Audio-Technica, have announced some the release of some very shiny portable speakers.

These jewel-like speakers are named Bijoué, or AT-SPF30 if you wanna get all technical and seemed to be aimed at the ladies in the hizzle.

They’re not going to set the audiophiles pants alight with its 600mW/φ28mm speakers which are powered by a pair of AAA batteries. You should get around 33 hours of continuous dance-around-your-handbags playback.

The only weigh 105g and measure 78×74×37mm.

Not only are these speakers shaped like a Barbie accessory there’s even a small mirror behind the lid.

In Japan, Audio-Technica plans to sell the Bijoué/AT-SPF30 on June 16 (my birthday but I’d rather have a Big Al) in six different colors: black, brown, white, silver, golden and the inevitable pink (price: $30).

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