Auca luggage makes the perfect band merch table

acua multipurpose case furntiureTravelling generally means that you have to make certain choices – what are you going to take? How many sets of clothes? Do you bring your laptop as well as your tablet and phone? If you’re travelling on business then finding somewhere to catch up with work in between destinations is another thing you have to keep in mind – yeah, it’s going to be a cafe isn’t it? Not anymore. Not if you have this multifunctional luggage from Auca.

I think Auca may be on to a winner here. Not just for business types though.

I can imagine street magicians and market traders as well as executives using this remarkable compact office set-up.

Equally the design would lend itself just as well to representatives at trade shows and presentations.

auca-case-table-and-chairMy immediate thought when I saw this Acua luggage though was that it would be ideal for using as a band merchandise area.

You could pack your t-shirts, cds, badges, etc in the 25-inch hardshell suitcase, sling it in the back of the van, and you’re sorted.

Also, as it’s on wheels, it will not be a back-breaking job to lug everything in to the venue, unlike a stack of teacrates or plastic boxes. It also has a break so it won’t go trundling off on its own.

There’s plenty of room in the case too – the upper section is rated at 23 litres and the lower section 48 litres.

auca band merch caseThe case is available in red, green, yellow and blue, and features a key-free TSA approved lock for when you’re going international.

acua furniture cases blueA folding desk and chair are built into the luggage to allow it to transform into a desk and a two-compartment cabinet so that you can store your items separately.

The price of the Auca multifuntional case is $510 without the extra accessories and $620 if you want the umbrella, cooler, chair and cover. For more info visit