AT&T Pushing Apple For MacBook Nano 3G?

macbook-nano-1Glenn Lurie, president of AT&T’s Emerging Devices division says that he’s loved to have a netbook with 3G.

Fair enough.

What makes this newsworthy in my mind is the fact that he’s gone and had a word with Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook.

Could this partnership birth a MacBook 3G or even the MacBook nano?

The quote that has sparked all this deliberation was in Fortune:

“We’re having conversations with lots of folks. I would very much like to do more business with Apple, and hope that we do”.

That’s all Lurie would say, but this was the man who was responsible for the iPhone and AT&T exclusive deal in the states so I’m thinking he already has Apple onside.

People have be waiting to see if Apple would join in with the netbook market.

Let’s face it; there’s been enough renders flying around the interweblogosphere.

Perhaps the Sony VAIO P proves that there is still room to be a little creative in this crowded market.