ATM Skimmers Getting Clever – Would You Spot it?

I’m aware that there are such things as credit card skimmers and that they are generally attached to ATM machines – but, usually, if you’re sober, and have your whits about you, they can sometimes be spotted.

It looks like the crims are getting a bit more clever.

Brian Krebs’s “Krebs on Security” features this ATM skimmer which would be almost impossible to spot.

This is a hi-tech skimmer for sure. If you are unaware what I’m writing about: Skimmers are devices that capture your card number and this one features the all important hidden camera that records you tapping in your PIN.

This particular skimmer was found Dec. 6, 2009, attached to the front of a Citibank ATM in Woodland Hills, Calif. Would you have been able to spot this?

This is fairly professional job: Notice how the bulk of the electronics fit into the flap below the card acceptance slot. Also, check out the tiny pinhole camera, ostensibly designed to switch on and record the victim’s movements as he or she enters their PIN at the ATM.

Can you see the little pin-hole camera on the left-hand-side of the capture device? The little black circle? Click the picture to make it larger if it helps 😉

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