Atax – pretty much everything!

AtaxOk – here’s a gadget for the more outdoorsy types amongst us.  The kinda person that will quite happily kill their lunch and live rough.  I have to admit; the closest I generally get to that is when camping at either Download, Glastonbury or similar.

The ATAX is pretty impressive. Made of 1095 tool steel (ok….?) and weighing 16 oz, it boasts almost all you need (apart from a fold-away hotel and chef!), here’s the list for all you Rambo’s out there:  a catapult mechanism, a hammer, nail remover, rangefinder, inclinometer, wire cutter, nut gripper (OooO!), animal skinner, compass, clock, sundial and of course an axe. 

It aint that cheap at $199.95 – you need to slam down 100 bucks as a deposit but it does ship with an instructional DVD video.

via Red Ferret