Atari and Sega Flashback game consoles and portables announced

Sega Genesis FlashbackAtGames has announced a pair of classic gaming consoles for you retro gaming fans. The great thing is, these pack HDMI and so you get your favourite old-school titles in 720p.

AtGames has announced its Autumn 2017 lineup of classic gaming hardware. This includes new premium HD versions of their classic gaming consoles: the Atari Flashback 8 Gold and the Sega Genesis Flashback.

Each console includes an amazing selection of built-in 16-bit games, as well as an impressive range of features

Sega Genesis Flashback

The latest Sega Genesis from AtGames not only boasts HDMI 720p output, but use a new Genesis 6-button wireless controller.

Its UI uses large, high-resolution boxart to better replicate a digital shelving system and it also features enhanced stereo audio.

Sega Genesis Classic Game ConsoleModern-day features such as save states and scanline filters can also be applied. You can even rewind real-time gameplay in order to undo past mistakes.

With 85 games and cartridge support for most games, anyone with a large Genesis library looking to replay their collection on a modern TV is in for a treat with this.

Built-in all-time favorites include the Sonic series, Mortal Kombat series, Phantasy Star series, and Shining Force series games.

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Atari Flashback 8 Gold

If your gaming history goes even further back (guilty, your honour) then here’s an even bigger blast from the past.

The Atari Flashback 8 Gold brings you a wood grain-style finish for that 70s vibe.

You also get a pair of wireless joysticks and HDMI output.

Atari Flashback 8 GoldFurthermore, the new old-style console allows you to rewind action and gives you the same kind of high-resolution cover art UI to make this feel more like a game collection.

Save states and scanlines are also supported with this device, which has over 120 games included – making it an outstanding value for the money.

Games include legends like Activision’s Pitfall! and Taito’s Space Invaders, as well as many other all-time Atari 2600 classics like Kaboom!, River Raid, Centipede, and Millipede.

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Sega and Atari portables

Both of these portable gamers allow you to add more games via an optional SD card and sport a high res 2.8-inch display.

You can even output your games through your big telly via an optional cable. They are both powered by an in-built rechargeable battery.

Atari Flashback portable

The Atari Flashback Portable Game Player features an amazing selection of 70 built-in games, including the legendary BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment arcade hit, PAC-MAN.

Atari Flashback portableOther blockbuster games include Dig Dug, Pitfall!, and Frogger.

Sega Ultimate portable

The Ultimate Portable Game Player returns with an enhanced selection of 85 built-in 16-bit Sega Genesis and Mega Drive classic games.

Sega Ultimate portableThe selection of blockbuster games include new additions PAC-PANIC and Splatterhouse 2, as well as many more surprises.

Returning for 2017 is save game support for the included Phantasy Star series role-playing games.

Price and availability

I’ve had no word on pricing as yet but these should all appear at “major retailers” this Autumn.