Atari Arcade iPad Retro Joystick Brings the 80s to Your Apple Tablet

Remember the iPad iCade controller/console which started out as an April Fool joke that ended up going into production? Well, Atari was so pleased with that they are introducing their own Atari Arcade – Duo Powered Joystick for iPad.

Atari has joined forces with Discovery Bay Games in order to construct and sell the Duo controller.

To be honest, that’s pretty all I know as there’s no more info on the website – oh, it’s coming soon.

The controller will be best used with Atari’s Greatest Hits iPad app, which is available for free in the iTunes app store. From the free app you have access to buy any of the 100 Atari classic games – you can buy 25 collections of four games for $0.99 each or get the entire collection for $14.99.

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