Asus Wireless Monitors – EZLink

asus-wireless-monitorAsus keeps bringing stuff out – it’s getting hard to keep up!

Today it’s the turn of  a new line of wireless LCD monitors – please welcome the EZLink series.

Nope!  Not the EeeZlink!

There’s actually no sign of Eee branding to be witnessed this time!

The EZLink series promises a “minimalist approach” and allows users to connect displays via a Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) or Wireless USB Host Wire Adapter – more importantly it manages this with no loss in image quality

If you are more into the green issues Asus confirms that they’re chucking two energy-efficient monitors your way.  Look out for the VH192C and VH196.  These green machines are made with low levels of mercury, have just two lamps which saves over 20% in power consumption, and feature aspect control technology for a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Asus VH192C has the bonus of having a “Color Shine” glare-type panel for better colour density and image clarity.

That’s just about all I’ve got at the moment – when I have more then so shall you 🙂