Asus Upgrades the S101 to Release the S121 Netbook – Still Brown

asus-s121Asus, bouyed by the apparent success of their brown upmarket wunderkind, the S101, has decided to bring out a successor.

The S121 comes with the usual smattering of netbook specs such as the Intel Atom CPU, 1GB RAM and choice of OS……………

But the S121 also throws in WiFi-N connectivity and some upgrades compared to its S101 older sibling such as the 12.1” screen and it is expected to come with hybrid SSD/HDD storage and a full sized keyboard.

It’s still has the “exquisite” brown clothes which looks as though it might be a deeper hue than the S101’s.

I’m still on the look out for the price and availability (please comment if you happen to be privy to such details).  Til then I reckon you should keep around £500 to one side if you’re looking to purchase.

Asus via New Launches